Thursday, June 20, 2013


Don't get too excited! The Margaret Pratt Foundation is running a Hottie Challenge to raise money for Heart and Lung Transplant Research. Ages ago I signed up and paid my fees.i wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I put it aside to mull over. Yesterday I pulled it out with a vague memory that it was due in at the end of June, only to read the info and discover thatI should have had it in today. After an apologetic email I was told I could get it in by next week, so this afternoon I put it together, with some critical input from my children about the design.

The design represents the close community that forms among heart/lung recipients.

I drew the design on paper then made templates before hand-appliqueing the shapes to the hottie. Check out some other lovelies here



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  1. Looks great Anne! Good Luck in the competition. xx Marjolijn