Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another Birthday

On Thursday my younger daughter will turn 7. While I find it hard to believe that she's 7 already, she'll insist on having a birthday anyway! This child is the one that insisted that she needed a quilt for her 4th birthday, which I ignored, then insisted again that she needed a quilt for her 5th birthday which I complied with. In fact I can blame my quilting obsession on this child, I was perfectly happy sewing clothes before she intervened.


After I made cuddle on the lounge quilts for the older boys in April everyone wanted one, so this is the one for my daughter.

It started with a quilt kit but it was too small so I added the flying geese borders to enlarge it.

The quilting is very simple as I was running out of time, also the fabrics are beautiful.

I had the perfect backing fabric for my Hello Kitty fan.


When she was visiting in January I was talking with my sister and told her that I had made 12 quilts last year. She said, "oh, you'll never be able to do that this year." I'm sure that she didn't mean it as a challenge, but this is quilt number 6 for the year!


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