Sunday, March 10, 2013

Star Wars

My twins turn 9 next month and they are both huge Star Wars fans. I found a couple of bundles of Star Wars Fabric to make them 'Snuggle on the Couch' quilts, apparently it gets cold enough in Melbourne to do that!

I was going to do all sorts of elaborate designs but the fabric really didn't lend itself to that, the images were far to big, so I went for a brick-path pattern instead. I managed to get two bricks out of each fat quarter and split them between the two quilts. The only difference between them is one boy got all the red prints and the other got all the green prints. Both tops have been approved and one is basted ready for quilting. I'm just going to quilt a quarter inch inside each brick.

I'm using this IKEA fabric for the backing on both quilts.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I was the host for the Cherish circle of do.Good stitches for February. I asked for wonky/improv houses. I'm still waiting on a few before I can put the quilt together but I can show you mine (which were finished in February, I'm just blogging late!)

I fussy-cut this one to get the girl on the swing and the girl catching butterflies.