Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday

So, it's my little one's birthday today. He turned 3. He loves vehicles and construction. Last year at the Malvern quilt show I picked up a quilt kit called Poppy's Diggers. It has been languishing with my sewing stuff for 18 months. Until Saturday morning. Last Saturday I woke up and decided that I would make it for his birthday. Now this quilt is one of the most complicated quilts I have made, and I hate machine applique, and I only had a week. However, on Thursday evening I put the last stitches into the binding and threw it in the wash, a whole day early! Sorry  about the photos, the sun was actually shining yesterday morning!
 Every colour change is a different layer of fabric! The little rocks on the sign are less than half an inch across. It was tricky, and at times tedious. Well worth it though and very happily received.

The backing is a lovely IKEA print supplemented with a texty bug print that was just big enough. The kids like the back almost as much as the front.
The back
I've made him a cloth doll too. She's currently missing clothes because the quilt took all my sewing time this week!  But I can quickly finish the clothes this week.

Apart from a few bee blocks, most of my other August sewing was clothes. (And Ms N, I'll work on your dress today if you want to come for a fitting!)

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