Friday, August 10, 2012

And the productivity continues!

 I had committed to making two quilts for Siblings Together. One was our Cherish bee quilt that I finished a while ago. I wanted to make another one too so I took a quilt top that I finished last year and bagged and quilted it. I love how it turned out, so did my kids and it only took a couple of hours to bag and quilt it. I've been procrastinating for nearly a year about finishing this quilt! So I posted both quilts last week and hopefully they have found new homes.

Backing from Ikea, I love this one and have some left
For July's do.Good stitches we were asked to make aqua and red blocks with grey or white background. It seemed like a good opportunity to practise my machine curve piecing. It went surprisingly well, I think all the garment sewing is really helping with sewing curves.

August's blocks are snail trails in blue and grey. This was a really fun block to do and quite quick. It would be really effective in a quilt.

The sun doth shine!

Finally, we have a warm summery day! And maybe followed by another one tomorrow! Getting washing dry without a tumble dryer the last few weeks has been somewhat of a challenge! Especially when some of the children thought it would be fun to put some towels in a full bath, then put them on some beds!

Anyway, I finally got tired of waiting for an occasion to wear my red dress so I  put it on Molly and took her outside. She seems to have lost some of her padding so the dress doesn't fit her quite like it fits me but you get the idea.
The  lapped zipper at the back

It looks quite nice on Molly, I'll have to hide it from her.

I've also finished making myself a blouse.

Neck detail

Sleeve detail

Again, it doesn't fit Molly quite like it fits me but you get the idea. The best thing about making my own blouse is that I can put the buttons where I need them to stop gaping!

Finally I've made a little Clothkits pinafore for my little girl. I love the colour of this but I found some of the cutting lines weren't placed very well.
The instructions were good though and she loves the little pocket on the front that is just the right size for holding Pokemon cards.

I've been doing some quilting too but that is for another post.