Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When I was little....

...I was always getting told off for speaking without thinking first. My kids school is having a fete next week to raise money for school supplies for children in Afghanistan, the themes of the fete are the Olympics (the torch is coming through town on Wednesday evening) and the Jubilee. It has been a year-long project by the kids at the school and they are incredibly enthusiastic about it. Last night a few parents got together to assemble the bunting the children had made and I repeated the follies of my childhood. "Do you need prizes for the raffle?" I said. "I can make a quilt if you like......"

So I give you the Olympic Jubilee Quilt (top)

 I bought the fabric with this type of quilt in mind, but they aren't really colours that we will ever use (although I will buy some raffle tickets). Not bad for a day's work.

I'm off to the quilt show in Malvern tomorrow but on Friday I will be quilting this baby!

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  1. A very apt quilt! Well done for getting it done so quickly!