Saturday, May 12, 2012

My little gentleman

When your two year old has a mother who sews he ends up with an interesting vocabulary. We were in a fabric shop a couple of weeks ago and my little one said, "I like that quilt", pointing to a lurid check print. Because he is very patient with my sewing, and visits to fabric shops, I humoured him thinking it could be made up into a button-up shirt. When I got home I realised it was too heavy for a shirt so I convinced him that it could be turned into a jacket or a coat. Once we had agreed that there would be no hood (he loves his hoods on his coats) I knew that I had exactly the pattern to make the coat, in this magazine. It was an amazing experience making this coat, I've never used tailoring techniques like shrinking specific areas before. It was really fun. It's also quite an experience to sew your sleeves together inside out and back to front and not know if it will all go together until you feed the whole garment through a hole in the lining.

I'm not going to point out the flaws, I know they are there. I also know that I won't make the same mistakes next time (I'll make different ones) I also now know that it isn't a great idea to make your first tailored coat out of checks! I am really happy with how it turned out, and I also have an order for an identical one from one of my big boys.

 I also need to point out, that as cute as the buttons are, I would never have chosen them, but it isn't my coat!

Checking the buttons
Did she put buttons on the sleeves too?

The back!


  1. I like your work Anne,This would be great for a photo shoot.

  2. very cute little chap in his very sporty jacket! What a compliment to be asked for one the same!