Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drought or flood

Well, actually, not so much of flood (although it has been raining all day). I've been mostly making a dress for the last few weeks which makes for boring reading. Also, the kids have been on school holidays and we were away so there hasn't been a lot of sewing around here.

When we moved to the UK I bought the kids really cheap and nasty bags to put their swimming things in for school. About a year ago I thought I should make them some new swimming bags before the old ones fell apart. Today I finally got around to making them some bags! I didn't use a pattern. I used a paper plate as a template for the base and made it up. They turned out exactly as I envisaged! I used an oil cloth as a lining and a different quilting weight fabric for each bag. They are fastened with a drawstring. The kids loved them when they got home this afternoon.

 My helper who wanted me to play trains with him instead:

I've also made my April blocks for the Cherish group in do.Good stitches. And since I can't read instructions properly I made double blocks.

I love the result and am tempted to make a whole quilt using this pattern. If only  I had the time. While I was searching for the oil cloth this morning (helpfully put away by my daughter in the wrong spot at Christmas time) I found at least 5 quilting projects that I have the fabric and the idea/pattern for. I really need some more time in the day!

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