Thursday, April 26, 2012

Racing the rain

It's been raining on and off here all week and it's forecast to rain for the next week so I raced this morning to put the borders on this quilt to get a photo before it rained. It started just as I walked out the door so these two photos are the only ones I managed to get.

I designed this quilt in EQ7. It is composed of 16 12" blocks. This block, to be exact.

 I love the secondary patterns created by this block.

The blue fabrics are from the Victoria and Albert's Benedictus line. The cream is a dot print.

I really love this quilt, and if the intended recipient doesn't like it she can give it back to me!

PS. The sun is shining again now

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nearly finished

My dress is nearly finished, I just have the hem to go. But the sun is shining today so I thought I should take the opportunity to get a photo, or two :)

I also have a quilt that I urgently need to get to work on as it has a deadline! Must get cutting for that.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drought or flood

Well, actually, not so much of flood (although it has been raining all day). I've been mostly making a dress for the last few weeks which makes for boring reading. Also, the kids have been on school holidays and we were away so there hasn't been a lot of sewing around here.

When we moved to the UK I bought the kids really cheap and nasty bags to put their swimming things in for school. About a year ago I thought I should make them some new swimming bags before the old ones fell apart. Today I finally got around to making them some bags! I didn't use a pattern. I used a paper plate as a template for the base and made it up. They turned out exactly as I envisaged! I used an oil cloth as a lining and a different quilting weight fabric for each bag. They are fastened with a drawstring. The kids loved them when they got home this afternoon.

 My helper who wanted me to play trains with him instead:

I've also made my April blocks for the Cherish group in do.Good stitches. And since I can't read instructions properly I made double blocks.

I love the result and am tempted to make a whole quilt using this pattern. If only  I had the time. While I was searching for the oil cloth this morning (helpfully put away by my daughter in the wrong spot at Christmas time) I found at least 5 quilting projects that I have the fabric and the idea/pattern for. I really need some more time in the day!