Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sulky Sunday

Before I ate breakfast today I had to find and iron school uniforms for 3 children who had to go to chapel plus one shirt for my husband (who volunteered to take them to chapel, it's a much cruisier job than getting them ready!). While they were at chapel I made the first draft of the Harry Potter cloaks that they want to wear for World Book Day later this week. Only with them at chapel, my model was a bit small so I have to enlarge the pattern a little.  The rest of the day was spent hunting for this little girl.

One of my boys needs her for a presentation he's giving tomorrow. I eventually found her at 5 o'clock, where I told the boys to look at half-past 11!

Thank goodness tomorrow is Monday!


  1. AH! The joys of having children in the house!! Make the most of them being there.... mind you the grandchildren as SO MUCH more fun..... because they go home and someone else has to find thier "stuff" lol x