Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My bad!

I seem to have lost my sewing mojo this week. I've been trying to quilt this top.
 First I loaded it onto the frame and tried to FMQ it but that didn't work and I had to pull all the quilting out. 10 minutes of quilting took 4 hours to pull out! Then I decided to put the machine back on the table and stitch around the stars. Each star has been outlined twice, once inside the star and once outside the star. I really like the way it makes the stars stand out, although it was a pain to do and it would be difficult on a larger quilt. When I was nearly finished I realised that some of the outer triangles were not sitting flat, by that stage I was nearly at the end so I pushed on, I'm wondering now if that is why I couldn't get it to quilt on the frame. I don't love this quilt, I don't even know if I like it. I like the pattern and would consider it again. I like some of the fabrics in it but not all of them.



 The kids like it though, quilts have to be tough in this house!

I've finished two more embroideries for my niece's quilt too. I'm  enjoying sewing these as each block has a couple of new stitches in it that I haven't tried before. I'm now trying to decide how to put them together in a quilt. I'm thinking maybe reverse applique circular frames for the embroideries.

I have two more quilt tops waiting to be quilted but I'm going to do my BOM blocks next and my do.good Stitches blocks. I'm starting a dressmaking course on Saturday so I should have some pictures from that soon too!


  1. sometimes no matter what we do just does not, if the kids love it...let them have it, and love it ! move on to something you DO love and want to work on xx remember its about having FUN xx

  2. I agree with Diane! And you might find it grows on you over the embroidery!