Monday, January 9, 2012

A trip down memory lane.

A long, long time ago, when I was at university I decided to make one of my sisters a quilt. Never having made such a thing before I didn't know there were any rules about making quilts. I had a copy of an Australian craft magazine (maybe Handmade) and there was a Dresden quilt in it, so I made it, completely hand stitched, it took 18 months to finish. I haven't got a photo of it right now because my sister's husband is a photographer and we all know how that goes!

Having made a quilt for one sister, my next sister said that she'd like a quilt too. She saw a picture in a magazine of a quilt she liked. The only problem was, there was no pattern in the magazine. Again, not knowing there were rules about these things I drew up some templates and got stuck in. The centre star is made of paper-pieced hexagons. All the flowers and leaves are hand-appliqued. The sawtooth border was paper pieced and appliqued. Again this  quilt was completely hand sewn. The quilting is the same shapes as the applique. I look at today and can't believe that I made it.
My third quilt was a quick machine pieced coverlet made for my husband's niece. I don't have a picture of it either but I think it was just off-set rectangles.

My fourth quilt was started when I was pregnant with my first child and completed  when I was pregnant with my fifth child. It is a whole cloth quilt, white on white. Again completely hand quilted, although I did stitch the binding onto this one by machine.

These are the only quilts I had made before March last year when my younger daughter requested a quilt for her birthday. The first one was completed in 1997, the second in 1999(I think), the third in 1999, and the fourth was finished in 2009.

Last year I made at least 8 quilts and a couple of other tops that still need to be finished. Now I think I can call myself a quilter!


  1. absolutely you can - love the white wholecloth quilt - on my list of 'one day' and when i'm more proficient on the long-arm (won't be doing mine by hand!)

  2. I would say you MORE THAN qualify as a quilter xx