Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not the simplified Barristers Block

I'm up to month 7 of the Civil War Tribute Block of the Month. This months supplies came with a block pattern and a simplified block pattern and a recommendation to make the simplified block. Anyone who knows me will realise that it was waving a red flag at a bull. I wasn't going to make any simplified block! What do they think I am?

I pressed the fabrics like a good girl, then realised that I had the wrong fabrics for the block, so I rang the quilt shop and they very quickly sorted it out for me and sent the correct fabric.

Then I started cutting, and cutting, and cutting. There are a lot of little triangles in this block, and I had to make 4!

Finally, after two days of stitching and pressing, I have this. See all the missing points! I am not remaking the block.

 This is the best one.
 And all of them together.
Only 5 more months to go on this BOM. It's been a great challenge!


  1. wow - can't see missing points from here - this quilt is going to be a beauty

  2. wow that is a LOT of hard work!! Well done x