Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A finish!

Look! This is an Aurifil reel. That means I've used all 1300 metres of cotton that were on this reel! That's a lot of stitching.

I've completed my first finish for 2012.

I started this table runner in August or September last year(I think). It was a kit but when I opened it there was no pattern included. So I adapted a pattern that I found on the web somewhere to make the rings the correct size.  When I'd finished the top I decided that I didn't like the colours in it, so it has languished for several months. As part of the Finish-A-Long I needed to finish it off. And I have. And now that I've quilted it I actually like it again. The quilting is far from perfect but it is all Free Motion Quilting!
The back looks okay too, there are few spots that aren't great, but it is the back and will sit on the table so most people will never see it.
If anyone knows how to turn binding around an inside corner I'd appreciate some pointers. It isn't sitting right around the corners.


  1. The table runner along with the quilting look great!

    I've never done a binding with inside corners, so I'm no help there.

    (when I first looked at the thread spool, I thought it was holding up your sofa! LOL!)

  2. You need to go here and watch Shaoron Schambers curved binding tutorial. I did curved binding from this video and it turned out perfect!