Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Branching out

A new stitching eZine was released last week. In the interest of trying something new I decided to try the felt embroidery. It has met with approval from everyone in the house and is currently hanging on the wall while I figure out how to finish it off.

I've also finished this month's do.Good stitches blocks. These blocks really tested my brain. For some reason I decided I'd have to cut 8 squares to get enough triangles for two blocks! As you can see these blocks have 16 squares each. My math was decidedly off. And it took me 3 tries to eventually end up with the right number. I do love these blocks though. The finished quilt will look fab, and my boys like them too so I may have to make more (now that I've got my head around making them!)


  1. Love the felt embroidery and the blocks.

  2. ooh - felt embroidery - looks good - and your cherish blocks look great too - i'm not sure i have enough grey solids - might have to go to spotlight - again!