Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nearly there (or for those with small children, are we there yet?)

I'm getting a little sick of mug rugs! Mostly due to the fiddly piecing in the panda below! If I hadn't made him I would have been finished on Friday. Now that these are done I have 3 more to do, I should be able to finish them tomorrow! Then the kids can take them (and the mugs) to school and I can have some floor space in my sewing room again. The patterns for the panda and the ribbons came from Piece By Number where there are quite a few good freebies. I would not recommend the panda or the bamboo to beginners though.


  1. All are cute, the panda is great!

  2. well done, I know what you mean about mug rugs, you think they'll whip together but they take a fair amount of time and fiddling. I love the panda