Friday, December 16, 2011

More Christmas Gifts

My husband has been sworn not to read this blog post. I have been working on Christmas presents for my boys (big and small). Out of six fat quarters I have made 4 pencil cases (one of my special triangular ones and the other 3 are regular flat ones). Now I am out of zips until my order arrives. Oh, and if anyone has seen my zipper foot, please send it this way! It seems to be lost in the void that calls  itself the Sewing Room.

I ran out of inspiration this afternoon though. Luckily my younger daughter had some so I helped her to do some hand stitching instead. Like most 5 year olds her ambition by far outreaches her ability but she's learning a lot and she perseveres for hours. I think she is aiming to make a quilt for a Christmas presents with my scraps! If it keeps her from fighting with her brother, I'm all for it.


  1. Love the pencil cases! I can't wait to see what your daughter makes!

  2. Pencil cases are very useful - especially when filled with nice sharp points!