Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Madness

There are still a few gifts I need to get finished before the weekend. Today I finished up a phone pouch for the lovely lady who cleans for us.
I hope it fits her phone. Then I tried to make a case for my daughter's Nintendo DS. I measured it and added a little extra, but not quite enough. I needed about another quarter inch all around. This is now the home for our camera and I have the pieces cut (a little larger) for the DS case.

Finally, this is what I have been working on in the evenings. I love hand embroidery but have done virtually none except cross-stitch. This is my new hobby for when quilting is not appropriate! I need a lot of practise too so it will occupy me for a while!
That was Monday. The maddness involved 5 small children and a supermarket less than a week before Christmas. It wasn't pretty but we all survived, just!


  1. lovely idea anne - i reckon you could start a 'real' stitchery - looks like you know what you're doing

  2. Love the idea of the embroidery hoop! The supermarket run sounds horrendous ;o)