Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Quilt top

I figure since this will be the only year we will be able to snuggle under a Christmas Quilt at Christmas time I better get this one finished. I used a Kona grey for the sashing and I really like they way it brings the quilt together but each block can be seen in all its glory. I had my doubts about this quilt all the way through but I really like the way it has finished up!

It is such a miserable day outside that I pegged the top to the curtains. I think I might leave it there for the afternoon and see how long it takes the kids to notice when they get home from school.

Now that I have finished this I really can't put off cleaning up my sewing room any longer. I need to set up my quilting frame and I have no space for it at the moment. So that is the task for tomorrow (along with making the Christmas cake!). With any luck I may be able to post a picture of the tidy room tomorrow, I'm not sure about a before picture, it's a bit embarrassing!


  1. It looks wonderful! Good luck with the tidy up!

  2. hope the children DID notice the quilt!! It looks great x