Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some present fun!

I have 4 little nieces and nephews that belong to my lovely sisters. We don't do big presents so I decided to make them some pencil cases, well the older ones anyway. I have some crayons to go in these. My two older sons and my husband all saw the aeroplane one and now want one too!

One niece also celebrates a birthday three days before Christmas so I made her this cuddly toy. My two year old wants one and is now going around saying, "me have one for Christmas!" So I may need to make another one of these too.

All I have left is the baby's present, and the rest of the sewing for that is hand stitching, I'm going to try and finish that tonight. I might even get them all posted tomorrow so they make it too Australia before Christmas!


  1. How cute!!! Everything is adorable!

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  3. Can I have the toy, it's fantastic. Well done. Ian wants it too, as a photography prop:)

  4. I love the koala (I hope that's right and it's not really a dog or something!) - I'm not surprised your two year old wants one!