Monday, November 21, 2011

The long drive

The only sewing I got done this weekend was this.

We drove to Edinburgh for the weekend, 7 hours each way. Unfortunately, I forgot what my layout looked like so I only did the one block, and I did it wrong! I'm leaving it as is though.

Edinburgh was beautiful! I definitely want to go back again, for longer than 2 days this time though.

Today was much more successful in the sewing department. When we arrived home last night I had my latest block from the Civil War Tribute Block of the Month quilt on the doormat. Today I whipped up 4 of these blocks

 It's the first time I've made a bear paw block and I'm not completely sold on it. They've gone in the finished pile though. The blocks that I've made so far for this quilt are heavy. The finished quilt is going to weigh a tonne!

 Finally, what self-respecting quilter could by-pass this?


  1. i don't mind the bear paw block - i've seen a few in red and white and they look stunning. hope the pate was good!

  2. Love the pate packaging! I also love the two blocks!

  3. I adore Bear's paw blocks but still got to unpick some rotten machine quilting attempt on my little lap quilt and redo it!