Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Little Retail Therapy

I needed to go to Ikea today to get some new shelves for my sewing room. I've been envious of the red hippo fabric that I've seen other people using but haven't been able to find it myself. Today I found it, not only in red but also in lime green!

We also went to a new patchwork shop in Bristol, Poppy Patchwork wasn't there last time we went fabric shopping in Bristol. The shop is lovely and they run a lot of workshops. I found this fabric there. It's so hard to find good fabrics for older boys and these are perfect! Cricket and football (sorry, soccer for the Australians). My boys will love these.

The reds are destined for a quilt I am going to make for my parents-in-law. The blues are going to make a teacup or two, similar to the one I made yesterday.
I also got some heat-resistant wadding so I can make some pot-holders for my daughter for Christmas. All-in-all a very successful day, I even remembered to buy some shelves!


  1. oh I love the lime green, what's the ikea fabric like, here in france I bought some pink and some yellow for curtains but the other fabric seemed a bit thick,

  2. I love the hippo fabric - I must remember to look next time I go! Did you get the shelves you went for?!!