Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little Bit of Christmas

My Christmas sewing list is long, very long. That is the only reason I'm listening to Christmas songs in the middle of November, I promise. The music gets me in the mood to sew Christmassy things.

Today was block 8 of the SewSweetness QAL. I haven't done block 7 yet, I ran out of time today. Today's block was supposed to look like this. Only I couldn't access the template so I decided to do my own. Please bear in mind I've never done one of these before so I had to improvise as I went along. I also decided that I wanted the word 'Joy' instead of 'Noel'.

After drawing the design out on a piece of paper I chose my fabrics and set to. The result is this.

It worked well enough but my fabric for the lettering probably have been a solid or at least less patterny. I am quite proud of how well the patterns lined up in the 'y'. I don't often think of things like that until after I've finished. I may remake this block at a later date.

This is the other Christmas sewing I've been doing. I tried bagging a quilt, for the first time. Maybe not the best time to try something new but it really worked well. I'm happy with the effect. I have two more of these which I just need to stitch the edges of. I'm not sure about the quilting, it may need a little hand quilting, depending on how much of my niece's quilt I get done this weekend. The box pleats in the joined pockets was super fiddly too. I burned my fingers a couple of times.

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