Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last day of the school holidays

Yesterday was the last day of half term for my 4 bigger munchkins so we decided to head to Wales and see Cardiff Castle, after replacing the GPS which I managed to break on Monday! There's no way I'm going to do a journey like that on my own with 5 children and no navigation system! It works so well that Mum and Dad were able to follow us there and back.

The Castle is lovely from the outside and interesting from the inside, disappointing though because not much is open to look around. The highlight for us was the WWII air raid shelter that they still have set up - inside the castle walls. I didn't take any photos but I do have some that the children took, this is the reason why you shouldn't let children loose with a camera.

 The next one is inside the keep. It was a really interesting building, even though is was destroyed nearly 400 years ago it is in pretty good condition!

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