Sunday, November 13, 2011

Block 3 of the Civil War Tribute Quilt

I started this block when it arrived but shelved it when life got busy. I pulled it out this morning hoping to have a quick finish. Only to find that my triangles looked like this.

 Ooops! A little while spent unpicking 48 (remember that number) triangles, and I had these instead.

 Only I didn't have 48, there were only 46, I don't know where the other two went but I had to make up two more from the scant scraps that remained. The fabric given for this block of the month is not generous. I already had to beg some extra blue from my friend (luckily she has an amazing stash!) for the pinwheel triangles.

The final result is 2 18.5" blocks.
 And 2 12.5" blocks.

Despite the hassles this is my favourite block so far.


  1. Nice block! Looks great now!

  2. don't you hate it when you sew the wrong bit to the wrong bit?? nonetheless, it's a fab block. btw - i got your block in the mail today and it is playing beautifully with the others. cheers